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    Dear Parents,

    “What did you do in school today?” A question all good parents ask of their children at the dinner table. But what happens when they say “nothing” or “I don’t remember?” If your child is anything like my boys, that will be the answer more often than not unless you learn how to ask. Below is a link, shared by Juli and Alisha Rochon, which offers a number of questions to learn about your child’s day.

    Specific to our classroom you could ask:

    • What did you write about today at Writer’s Workshop?
    • What story did you listen to at the Listening Center?
    • What app/game did you play at iPads?
    • What poem did you learn this week?
    • Who are the helpers this week (teachers helper? Messenger? line leader? caboose?)
    • Which job are you excited to have? Why?
    • What did you do to help a friend today.

    Kindergarten is so much fun! Hopefully, the tips offered here will help you learn more about the great learning going on every single day!

    What do you think?

    Dr. Sandra Green

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