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    October 2018

    We’re off to a great start here at the Greenleaf Kindergarten Center!  We’ve made new friends and teachers, learned important rules to keep us safe and happy, and we’re well on our way to being super scholars!

    At Greenleaf, we strive to challenge every student, every day, to help all students reach their potential.  To ensure student success, we need your help, for YOU are your child’s first teacher, an integral part to their success in school.  Below is a list of skills we are working on in school.  Please help reinforce these skills at home.  If you would like to discuss ways to address your child’s specific needs, please contact your child’s teacher or myself and we’ll be happy to offer suggestions for things to try at home.

    Thanks for all you do!

    Dr. Green

    Head Teacher

    Greenleaf Kindergarten Center



    •  Identify upper and lower case letters  *We’ve introduced: Aa, Cc, Dd, Hh, Mm, Tt
    •  Identify letter sounds
    •  Rhyme


    • Recognize name in print  * We’ve introduced sight words: see, can, like, to
    • Write name


    • Identify numerals 0-10
    • Write numerals 0-10  * We’ve introduced numerals 0-8
    • Rote count to 10
    • Compare groups (equal, greater than, less than) * We’ve compared numbers to 5

    Our Field Trip to Crescent Farms


    Students are showing ways they are thankful

    Our Holiday Concert




    Polar Express Pajama Day Staff Photo





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