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Greenleaf School Vision Statement

Our vision is to create an extremely effective K-2 school highly regarded for its academic excellence, for its partnership with families, and for its engagement with the community.

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    The first grade students at Greenleaf are all settled in and working hard.  We are set to begin many exciting units this fall.  In the month of September, we start our first Mathematics Unit of Study which includes strategies for problem solving using addition and subtraction. We are setting up guided reading groups and literacy centers and will start writing narratives during Writer’s Workshop soon.  Our introductory lessons in science will include the life cycle of plants and the relationship of farms, plants and food.  We will be exploring the traditions and responsibilities of families to kick off our social studies curriculum.  We are looking forward to a great year!


    In Second Grade here at Greenleaf, we have a busy September and October ahead of us! In Reading, we will be learning about finding the main idea, learning about the author’s purpose, and story elements.  In Language Arts, we will be learning about sentence types and structure as well as nouns and verbs.  In Writing, we will learn how to write a friendly letter and basic paragraph elements.  In Math, we learn fact families, addition and subtraction sentences, and we review math facts from 0-9.  In Social Studies, we will continue to explore the different types of communities.  Lastly, in Science, students will become Paleontologists during our study of fossils.  We will also be taking a field trip to America’s Stonehenge!

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    Dear Parents,

    “What did you do in school today?” A question all good parents ask of their children at the dinner table. But what happens when they say “nothing” or “I don’t remember?” If your child is anything like my boys, that will be the answer more often than not unless you learn how to ask. Below is a link, shared by Juli and Alisha Rochon, which offers a number of questions to learn about your child’s day.

    Specific to our classroom you could ask:

    • What did you write about today at Writer’s Workshop?
    • What story did you listen to at the Listening Center?
    • What app/game did you play at iPads?
    • What poem did you learn this week?
    • Who are the helpers this week (teachers helper? Messenger? line leader? caboose?)
    • Which job are you excited to have? Why?
    • What did you do to help a friend today.

    Kindergarten is so much fun! Hopefully, the tips offered here will help you learn more about the great learning going on every single day!

    What do you think?

    Dr. Sandra Green

  • From the Desk of Dr. Green

    4c9onR7BiDear Parents,

    Did you know that…

    • I try my hardest every day to help your child learn?
    • It makes my day when I see him succeed?
    • I praise him every day for his hard work and offer words of encouragement when things are difficult?
    • I help him to be a good student and friend?
    • I help give him the tools to fight his own battles but offer support when that isn’t enough?
    • I worry when your child is hurt or sick?
    • I wipe his tears and hug him when he’s sad?

    And did you also know that…

    • A lot of the fun things we do and cool stuff we have I bought with my own money?
    • Many nights and weekends I spend time planning and preparing activities that help make his educational experience an exciting one?
    • That when your child is having trouble in school I worry about him well after he’s home for the day.

    So please, if you have a question or concern, treat me as you would any other person who has your child’s best interest at heart. Together we can help your child to become the best he can be!

    Dr. Green

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